UHF RFID system

The UHF RFID system is mainly intended for the timing of mass races, running, triathlon, roller skating, motocross and all racing formats with multiple competitors.

Each participant is equipped with an RFID chip detected during the passage between the antennas. In running or cycling, the antennas are placed on tripods at man’s height, on each side of the track (start and finish). Competitors are recognized and timed thanks to the RFID chip attached to the bib or bike associated with them.


  • No distance constraints, the timekeeper can stay away from the start / finish line with an RS485 connection.
  • Transponders, photocells and Chronoprinter can be used simultaneously with the RFID system.
  • Vehicle identification at high speed (rally type, hill climbing …)

UHF Antenna


RFID Decoder

Elite software or CP545

Portal mounting:

The antennas are placed in height at a maximum distance of 4 m

The gap between each antenna is 2m Mounting with a single antenna on tripods :

Allows high speed chip detection

We can imagine many different mountings according to the most original disciplines! Racing drones, remote controlled cars, everything is possible!