High technology

Transponder Systems

The feature of a system with transponders is to have a ground loop that receives information from transponders during their passage on the loop. The advantage of this system is that it can receive the passage of 12 transponders simultaneously on the loop.

What is a transponder?

A transponder is a small box placed on the vehicle, the competitor, the bike etc … according to the disciplines. It is detected during its passage on the loops placed on the ground. Each participant is then represented by the number of the transponder. This allows you to indicate the time and identify the person as it crosses the finish line.


We have a wide range of specific transponders for each discipline :

  • Transponders for high-speed disciplines, detectable up to 360 km / h
  • Transponders for disciplines with speed below 200 km / h

These ranges of transponders, used for motor sports exist in wired connection connected to the car or motorcycle and rechargeable transponders attached using supports and staples

Transpondeur Protime Elite Rechargeable

Transpondeur LS Rechargeable

Transpondeur Elite Filaire

Transpondeur LS Filaire

Transpondeur RK

Transpondeur RF

Transpondeur RC

Transpondeur RT

We also have a range of transponders, small sizes, used for non-mechanical sports, where the speed is less than 120 Km / h, as in cycling, triathlon, rollers etc …


There are two types of transponders for these disciplines:


  • Non-waterproof transponders

  • Waterproof transponders

This range of transponders is battery operated. Waterproof transponders have a limited life because they can not be opened, unlike the unsealed transponder where the battery can be changed.