What is

a photocell ?

An electric photocell is a device composed of a photosensitive sensor whose electrical properties (voltage, resistance, …) vary according to the intensity of the light radiation captured.
It’s strongly recommanded to use photocells which are provided with a transmitter and infrared receiver in mechanical sports. This type of cell offers comfort and reliability in all circumstances.

Cells – transmitter and receiver

 Advantages :

  • Distance between transmitter and receiver : up to 80m
  • Very easy cell alignment, avoid any reflection of a vehicle passing in front of the line
  • Allow to be able to time safely in case of heavy rain, dust released by vehicles

Our new infrared photocell is the most developed on the market. It has 3 lenses for 3 different functions as well as an integred radio transmitter. the impulse is transmitted without any wired connection.

Be careful, photocells made up of an integrated transmitter / receiver and a reflector may present risks in motorsport :

  • Limited distance between Transmitter / Receiver and Reflector: Maximum 20m
  • Risk of disturbance (reflection of the vehicle) in front of the photocell
  • Reduced distance in case of rain, and strong dust