High quality services

Multi-sports professional timing specialist for more than 14 years, ITS EVENTS is also operator in TV graphics for live broadcasts during sport events.

Our technical teams (software development, computer graphics), our know-how as well as our experience in TV graphics services, allow us to offer our clients an enrichment of their image during LIVE broadcasts with a complete TV graphics solution personalized and increasing.

We work from conception

to diffusion

Rental of hardware and software solution for your events – Complete delivery of TV graphics with our operators – Intervention in all sports fields

Graphic design

  • 2D / 3D Animation
  • Motion Design / latest trends Design
  • Creation of complete graphic charters
  • Adaptation of pre-existing elements Graphic Design

software development

  • Management of databases and various flows (chrono data, statistics …)
  • User interface design qualitative, simple and intuitive.
  • Application maintenance, software evolution according to specific needs.

Two solutions

1/BASIC SOLUTION (graphics and 2D animation)

Dedicated PC with professional graphics card ( MATROX TYPE )

-> Video signal in 1080i (25 or 30 frames seconds depending on country)
-> Output fill and key (- Transparency management)
-> Preview output

2/ PREMIUM SOLUTION ( 2D, 3D animation and video)

Ross Xpression inlay Station

-> Video animation in and out
-> No limit of integration of graphics
-> Video signal in 1080i (25 or 30 frames seconds according to country)
-> Output fill and key (management of transparencies)
-> Preview output

Here are some examples of TV inlays made by us

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